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Amanda Schaffer

The Dying Scientist and his Rogue Vaccine Trial

Decoding the Diver
The genetic secrets and radical equanimity of the world's greatest free diver

Tech's Enduring Great-Man Myth
Putting Elon Musk and Steve Jobs on a pedestal misrepresents how innovation happens

The Problem Solver
Engineering Drug Delivery and Tissue Growth

When Feces is the Best Medicine
Fecal transplants have been proven to treat certain types of infection, but proponents are still fighting what they say are unnecessarily strict regulations

The Practical Activist
Linda Griffith is getting scientists to tackle diseases half the population is often too embarassed to talk about

35 Innovators Under 35
A high-resolution interface reveals the brain storms of people suffering seizures

35 Innovators Under 35
Electronic blocks that link with one another also connect art and engineering

Dr. Adventure
A physician who developed lifesaving treatments for babies and led nine Antarctic expeditions to study the seals

Genome Editing
The ability to create primates with intentional mutations could provide powerful new ways to study complex and genetically baffling brain disorders

Too Much Information
Are we prepared for the hard choices that prenatal genetic tests could force on expectant parents?

Not So Clean Mind
Scientists find bacteria where it isn't supposed to be: the brain

Ignore the Fear Mongering. Whooping Cough Vaccine Works
Perspective on new strains of the disease

How Male DNA Gets in a Woman's Brain
Scientists find male DNA lurking in women's brains

Nanopore Sequencing
Simple and direct analysis of DNA will make genetic testing routine in more situations

The Cost of Life
It's time to consider price when evaluating new drugs

Green Genes
The first transgenic primates able to pass on their foreign genes are both a stunning medical advance and a troubling peek into the future

Protein Treatment Repairs Heart Damage
The treatment causes adult heart-muscle cells to proliferate and cardiac function to improve.

Regenerating Neurons in Eyes
Researchers stimulate the growth of new retinal cells in mice

Eye Implants to Fight Progressive Blindness
A novel medical device could treat eye diseases like age-related macular degeneration

Your Medical Data Online
Google and Microsoft are offering rival programs that let people manage their own health information. Do potential users understand the risks?

Creating a Heart
An ingenious method for making new organs could one day revolutionize medical transplants

Breeding the Oil Bug
A California company uses genetically-engineered bacteria to produce gasoline

Growing New Hearts from Old
Donor hearts could make good scaffolding for new organs

Better Blood Vessels
New artificial blood vessels could help a wider range of patients

Drug Trials and Error
Conspiracy theories about big pharma