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"Could You Be An Animal if You Didn't Have Any Bones?"
The picture book that will show your kid how evolution works

How to Superpower the Immune System
New strategies for fighting disease in newborns, the elderly and cancer patients

Should You Go to the Drugstore for Your Flu Shots?
Yes, and for shingles and whooping cough, too

Why Are Babies Dying of Old-Fashioned Whooping Cough?
It's not just the fault of parents who don't vaccinate their kids

Gender Games
The Olympics has a new way to test whether athletes are men or women. Is it fair?

Did Human Pregnancy Evolve because of an Infection?
Scientists may know why our babies advance so much in the womb

What Can Our Telomeres Tell Us?
Buzzy new DNA tests claim to reveal how "old" our bodies really are

Is Yogurt Good for you?
The pros and cons of probiotics

Thalidomide's Comeback
Who'd have thought the drug would have a second life?

Is Cancer Our Evil, Smarter Twin?
A new metaphor may tell us what we need to know about the disease

The Last Word on Fetal T
Rebecca Jordan-Young's masterful critique of the research on the relationship between testosterone and sex difference

Lessons from the Womb (a book club exchange)
How does anxiety affect fetal development?
What we learned about pregnancy from Project Ice Storm
How much does prenatal influence matter?
More research on pregnancy, less guilt
Are pregnant women really more xenophobic?
Inviting raffish scientists to the party

Soon You May Have Silk in Your Brain
The many magical medical uses of silk

The Young and the Restless
Why the tricks for better sleeping are different for babies and adults

Which Dirt Should Your Baby Eat?
Mapping how bugs and viruses help children develop immunity

Screen Saver?
When it comes to cancer screening, more isn't always better

Sniffing Out Swine Flu
Researchers hope to create a better way to diagnose swine flu and other ailments

The New Prenatal Testing: No Risk of Miscarriage
They'll take blood from the mother's arm

Why Are Mastectomies on the Rise?
The baffling new breast cancer development

This Goat Did Not Come from an Artificial Womb
Turns out we need uteruses even more than we thought

Diabetes of the Brain
Is Alzheimer's disease actually a form of diabetes?

The Tissue of Youth
Is human placenta a wonder drug or just another Japanese health fad?

High Expectations
Research into medicinal marijuana grows up

Viz Whiz
How artists are mining data sets to make you see the unseen

Dara Torres, Demystified
Do the swimmer's "secrets to success" hold up?

The Sex Difference Evangelists (a six-part series)
Meet the Believers
Pick a Little, Talk a Little
Empathy Queens
Mars, Venus, Babies, and Hormones
The Ghost of Larry Summers
The Next Best-Seller

The Pill, a Rock Opera
Its long-running health saga

The Psychosomatic Secret
The unscientific allure of mind-body medicine

Ending the Great Pill Price Hike
Congress, step up for college women before the year ends

The Year in Books
Slate picks the best books of 2007

In Which I Bug Myself
Tracking my calorie burn in real time

Fall Books
Our take on this season's books

Pas de Deux
Why are there only two sexes?

American Sex Portrait
Fifty years after Alfred Kinsey, what more do we know?

Burning Questions
Chatting with readers about tanning and sun exposure

Sunny Daze
Is tanning addictive? Does sunscreen really help prevent skin cancer? And other burning summer questions

Bug Zappers
The best futuristic ideas for killing drug-resistant bacteria

Summer Books
What Slate is reading this summer

Fishing for Paramecia
Making art out of the wizardry of biotech

No More Virginal
Spend $1 billion on abstinence education. Get nothing.

Don't Shoot
Why video games really are linked to violence.

The Lurking Elizabeth Edwards Question
Do pregnancy and fertility treatment increase the risk of breast cancer?

Why Do We Sleep? ( a five-part series) 
Our obsession with slumber
But What About the platypus?
The Chamber of Madness
Into the Cranium
Cleaning House

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been
Ecstasy, the new prescription drug?

The Family Un-Planner
The Bush administration's crazy new HHS appointment.

State of Decay
Boston artist Rosamond Purcell repurposes the old, the burnt, and the mangled.

Goodbye, 1,800-Fold Price Hike
Ortho-McNeil, maker of the birth-control pill, shows some mercy.

The 1,800-Fold Price Hike
A maker of the pill sticks it to family-planning clinics.

Radical Reduction
The benefits of stomach stapling for teenagers.

Gimme Nature
The bat-eared robot and the boxfish car.

Viral Effect
The campaign for abstinence hits a dead end on HPV.

Stopping Suicide 101
The dilemma of college students who threaten to kill themselves.

Sex, Science, and Static
Pro-abstinence politics meddles with a CDC conference.

Chastity, M.D.
Conservatives teach sex ed to medical students. Thanks, Congress.

The Spy Who Didn't Shag Me
How to fool a wiretap.

Sorry, Dogs Don't Do Subways
Why canine sniffers won't make mass transit safer.

Katrina Cough
The health problems of 9/11 are back.

Body Art
Our fascination with what's on the inside.

Ernst Haeckel
Evolution's controversial artist.

Cave Thinkers
How evolutionary psychology gets evolution wrong.

Shooting Down the Breakfast Club
Why you shouldn't wake your kids up to eat their Wheaties.

The Study of O
The female orgasm as evolution's happy accident.

Someday, There Will Be a Fat Pill
The science of hunger management.

Talking Tuna
How much sushi and albacore is too much? Be careful who you ask.

Good Goop
A new method of AIDS prevention for women.

You're Getting Sleepy ...
Or are you? What the new sleeping-pill ads don't say.

The Body Electric
What is electrical brain stimulation used for? And is it safe?

Open Access
Should scientific articles be available online and free to the public?

A Carb Is a Carb Is a Carb
The misleading marketing of packaged low-carb products.

Poisons, Begone!
The dubious science behind the Scientologists' detoxification program for 9/11 rescue workers.

Head Case
Roper v. Simmons asks how adolescent and adult brains differ.

Vaporize Me
Is inhalable alcohol a good idea?

Essential Nutrient
Why vitamin D deficiency may be a hidden epidemic.

Screen Saver?
When it comes to cancer screening, more isn't always better.

Science as Metaphor
Where does Brian Greene stand in the pantheon of physicists?